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Thank you for visiting which is owned and operated by two of the oldest and largest firearms dealer associations in the United States: The National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers (NAFLFD) and the Professional Gun Retailers Association (PGRA.)

The NAFLFD and the PGRA created and have been producing these Acquisition and Disposition books for over 25 years. The books conform to all specifications required by BATF. Although BATF cannot officially endorse any one particular record keeping book, in reality the large format, easy-to-use book is highly favored.

We also urge all dealers to carefully consider using our Form 77 for liability protection and Form 78 for protection against Straw Man purchases. In this litigious time, a few cents of protection can serve any firearms dealer well and possibly save tens of thousands of dollars in litigation fees. To the best of our knowledge, no dealer using Form 77 and 78 has suffered from any of the usual lawsuits and harassments. 95% of all retailers that have ordered these Forms in the past have consistently re-ordered and used the Forms for their protection. In particular, we urge dealers that exhibit at "Gun Shows" to use Form 78 which was written and designed specifically to cover Straw Man purchases. For a few cents more per gun purchase, isn't it worth it to protect yourself, your business and your family? Both Form 77 and Form 78 are a two-part carbonless form, thus producing one copy for your records and one copy for your customer. Each Form provides an area for the firearms model, caliber, serial number, date of purchase and other pertinent data. In case of a theft or fire, these are valuable back-up documents for the firearms purchaser/owner providing needed information to the law enforcement agencies and/or insurance companies.