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The Original Oversized Fire Arms Record Book
The Original Oversized
ATF Compliant Firearms Record Books
Used By Thousands of Dealers
for Over 25 Years.
Excellent for:
  • Firearms Dealers
  • Gunsmiths
  • Manufacturers
  • Armorers
  • Pawn Shops
  • Law Enforcement / Military
  • Gun Clubs
  • Private Collectors
  • Auction Houses
  • Ranges

Large Size: 18-1/2 inches wide x 12 inches high
Room for 500 Acquisitions & Dispositions
Lays Flat for Easy Entries

Form 77 for General Liability
Form 77
For General Liability

Retailers, you must give yourself additional liability protection. That's why the Professional Gun Retailer's Association and the National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers developed Form 77. This is a two-part carbonless dulplicate form that covers many of the vital issues that gun retailers have already been charged with and sued for. Form 77 makes it very hard for your enemies to sue you. Thousands of gun retailers have been and currently are using Form 77. 95% of all retailers that have ordered this Form in the past, consistently reorder and use this form for their protection. To the best of our knowledge, no user of Form 77 has suffered from any of the usual lawsuits and harassments against FFL retailers. There are no guarantees against being sued, but Form 77 gives you a major legal advantage.

Form 78 Straw Man Purchase Liability
Form 78
Straw Man Purchase Liability

In 2006, The City of New York set-up two dozen stocking firearms dealers in five different states! New York City hired local “thugs” (our opinion) – either a man and woman, or two men and a woman to purchase a gun. After the man asked all the questions, the woman said the gun was for her, and the man was only helping. The City of New York then filed a civil lawsuit against the dealers in New York’s East District Court. This is the court of the in-famous Judge Weinstein. The civil lawsuits are BS, but they have been and are highly expensive for all the gun dealers. Most of the lawsuits are still in litigation, and they are bleeding the gun dealers involved. The PGRA and the NAFLFD ‘s Form 78 is designed to give some protection against these kinds of set-ups, which are growing.

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